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Let the Memories live on with your Designer Bouquet

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Bejewelled Bridal is an Australian based Award winning Designer of Bling Bridal Bouquets.

We have a genuine passion for designing and creating unique and individual bling bouquets.  We take the time to build a close relationship with you and through meticulous design and thoughtful styling, we ensure to deliver on your unique vision for a designer bling bouquet, the bling bouquet of your dreams, one you will treasure forever.

In our creative design we use handmade satin roses along with real touch roses, fabulous silk fabric flowers and a range of jewels in various colours and designs.  We use only the best suppliers including Swarovski and Austrian crystals to ensure superior quality jewels for your bouquet. ​Your designer bling bouquet is not just something that you use just for one day, it is a lasting memory of your special day.  You can also include a piece of your own or families jewellery into the bouquet creating a family heirloom bouquet.

The theme for your bling bouquet is only limited to your imagination, whether you prefer a fully jewelled bouquet or mostly flowers, buttons or seashells, we can create the bouquet of your dreams. If you have an idea for a bouquet, no matter how unique, all you need do is ask and we will create your very own designer bling bouquet. 

Unlike flowers, your designer bling bouquet will not wither and die, you will not have to worry about allergies and our designer bling bouquets are also a great option for those planning destination weddings, having your bouquet already made is just one more thing you don’t have to worry about at your destination.

A designer bling bouquet does not have to be just a dream on your wish list, we can make it a reality.

To compliment your designer bouquet we also have an amazing range of accessories including stunning head wear, glamorous garters, memory charms, flower girl ribbon wands and shoe clips.