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The Tradition of the Bouquet

August 21, 2017

Most brides today carry flowers because they are beautiful and it gives the nervous bride something to do with her hands. However, the carrying of flowers goes back as far as the beginning of marriage.  Rooted in superstition, it was thought bridal bouquets consisting of odoriferous herbs and garlands worn or carried would ward off demons and evil spirits. Variations of this superstition are found in many cultures throughout the world.

In India the bride and groom are sprinkled with flower petals to ward of evil. It is said that a Roman bride carried herbs such as rosemary in her veil to ward off evil spirits. In fact, the modern tradition of carrying flowers and herbs in the bridal bouquet stems from this Roman practice. With many cultures sharing their wedding traditions over the centuries, the primitive superstition of smelly garlands went by the wayside. Brides began to use flowers as a way to symbolize emotion, virtue of love and marriage transforming the tradition.

Flowers such as roses became symbols of love for western weddings. Herbs and flowers were mixed together as a symbolic gesture. Over the years, wedding traditions have been manipulated blending old tradition with contemporary ideals. Old Greek wedding traditions used ivy and ribbons; weaving them into crowns for the bride and groom to symbolise unity. This tradition of greenery and ribbons has been incorporated in many modern wedding bouquets. In fact, it is commonplace to see bridal bouquets with greenery and ribbons intertwined in the flowers.

Although wedding flowers are a long standing tradition, the use flowers has become more of a tradition of elegance than one of warding off demons. Thankfully the tradition changed and flowers are now used to decorate the wedding. The bride can now carry a bouquet for beauty and not as protection from evil spirits.

In modern days many brides choose to have something artificial instead of flowers, some use seashells, buttons, jewels and/or artificial flowers.


The Tradition of Garters

July 2, 2017

Wedding Garter Tradition or why should you add a little bit of bling to your garter

We have chosen a tradition that`s as old as wedding itself, and then took it to a whole new level. Some might think that a wedding garter is just that, a piece of clothing, but it is much more than just a simple accessory. It has its own story, and can represent even an aspect of the bride`s personality, or her secret desires. Wearing a garter is essential, but it hasn`t always been as easy to actually wear one, as it is nowadays.

The wedding garter tradition dates back to around the 14th century.

It was believed that obtaining a piece of the bride`s under-garments on her wedding night brought good luck, so to protect his new bride the groom started tossing out her garter. Lucky men would catch it, and although there is no proof of the actual luck that came to their lives after that, the tradition continues to this day.

Originally brides wore garters to hold up their stockings, but as time went on, and the invention of garter belts and stockings came to be, brides now wear decorative bridal garters under their wedding gowns. The bride wears two garters, one as a keepsake garter and the other as the throw-away garter.

The groom removes the throw-away garter from the bride`s leg, and this is where the fun part comes into play. Sometimes he removes it with his teeth, or he uses his hands, but either way, the group of guests keep cheering and encouraging him all the way. He does this while the bride is sitting in a chair. Some believe that this small act marks the moment of true transformation of the bride into a wife.

He then throws the garter to all the single unmarried men. The tradition is that whoever catches the garter will be the next to marry (as we said, their luck isn`t proved yet, and some of them might even consider this misfortune, but they still believe in the power and magic behind the garter non-the-less).

An old wedding saying is that all brides must have "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue."

Wearing something blue on your wedding traditionally represents faithfulness, fidelity and love. There are many different garter traditions, but the garter being your ”Something Blue” seems to be the most popular.

Anyone can buy the bride a wedding garter.  Usually the bride herself buys her own garter, but many times it is bought by mothers of the bride, sisters, maids of honor, bridesmaids or even fiancés. It is the perfect gift for a kitchen tea / shower, or a bachelorette party. Either way, the bride can`t do without one.

And here is where the bride`s personality and unique style gets a chance to shine: with a bespoke personalized wedding garter. It is unique, designed according to the bride`s taste, making sure that it reflects her exquisite beauty and individuality. It is something the bride will keep and cherish forever, looking back on it for years to come.

Here, at Bejewelled Bridal, we specialize in making brides` dreams come true, and that includes designing and creating the most amazing garters they could ever dream of, using sophisticated materials that speak for themselves. We cater a wide range of requests, and if we don`t already have the same design as the one that the bride has in mind, then we work with her to create it.

Whether you believe in these traditions or not, taking them lightly might not be an option. Especially because this day is all about shining and showing who you really are. Whether you are the bride, or anyone who cares about her, making sure that this day is perfect is everyone`s priority. Having the choice to personalize even the slightest details is only a bonus...